Unclear why this automation isn't firing

This automation worked for a hot minute, and then stopped.

If the office shade is closed while the window is open, I want the shade to open to 30%. I had this working on Webcore, but I’m starting to migrate off to just using pure automations whenever I can.

Can someone offer an explanation as to why this is not firing? Thanks in advance

That Routine says ‘if the office shade is currently set to 0% and the window is then opened, set the shade to 30%’. The event that triggers it is the window changing to open. If the window is already open and then the shade is set to 0% nothing will happen. I don’t think that is what you want, is it?

Just to be clear, a ‘precondition’ in a Routine doesn’t cause the Routine actions to be activated. It is the same sort of idea as using only when in webCoRE, and pretty much identical to using ‘More options’ in Smart Lighting.

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Ah - this makes sense. Yes I am aware that a precondition is essentially a hamfisted “AND” statement. Turning the precondition off gives me an OR which is not what I want either. If the “If” part of a routine is not looking at state, but is instead looking at triggers - I am guessing I should flip it? If the window being open is the precondition, then whenever the shade is set to level 0%, it should reset to 30%. Is that right?

Edit: Yup, that’s right. Just tested it out

Thanks for the help!!

you should be able to toggle between AND and OR when you have two conditions.

Which it does…but when you have three conditions, the smartthing routine UIX does not allow you to do this:

if (X AND (Y OR Z)) then bleh bleh bleh

Which translates to, in my case, that if I have a single shade with two windows underneath, and I want the shade to stay open in the case of either or both windows being open, I need two ST routines instead of a single routine.

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