Unable to use door lock as a trigger for Routines

I have a v2 smarthub with an integrated Yale Z-wave front door deadbolt keypad lock. The lock works well with my smartthings hub, and I can get an event log of when it was opened, closed, and what code was used. I also have the ability to lock and unlock the door from my devices(Things) list.

I want to set my security up so that if the front door deadbolt is unlocked, this triggers the “I’m Back” automation routine.
I’ve attempted to go into the settings of I’m Back and going to “Automatically Perform I"m Back When…” Locks seem to be the only device type that is missing from the events list. It’s pretty frustrating, and I’ve even tried IFTTT to work around the problem to no avail. Any ideas how to solve this?

Note I’ve tried this app.

But this doesn’t work correctly with my lock. It never recognizes the lock has been unlocked (and by which code), so it never sends the event to the Automation.


This is very simple to do using CoRE.

You create a very simple piston that does:

Door is is unlocked
Execute ‘welcome back’ routine.

If you haven’t used CoRE then have a look, it may (or may not) seem complex to start with but it’s amazingly flexible and very powerful.

Good luck.

Rboy makes a door lock manager as well. I’ve been using it on my Schlage for this function (code executes a routine). There’s a fee for his smart app, although it’s a one-time fee that grants access to all his apps/DTH’s.

Personally I wouldn’t set to disarm on deadbolt movement. What if someone steals your keys or picks/forces the lock?

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Another way I used to use is.
Create a virtual switch.
Have smart lighting turn that switch on when door is unlocked.
Have that switch to trigger your routine, or whatever.

Also I’m not sure if @RBoy lock manager handles your lock or makes available the option to use who unlocks the door as a trigger.

I have a Schlage and now use his software to do what I want when a specific person unlocks the door. I used to use this to change the mode when unlocked via keypad . I don’t remember if it can trigger a routine or not.

You can also go the CoRE route mentioned above. It’s a steep learning curve. You can usually get help when your stuck. It has its own section in the forum.

Hope that helps get you in the right areas or find what you need.

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Thanks for all the help. It sounds as if a virtual switch would be the easiest option to get my designed behavior. Given that this is a temporarily implementation, I’m less inclined to spend the time learning CoRE. @TN_Oldman Is this a good way to go about the virtual switch, or do you have a pointer to better documentation?


I believe that’s what I have used. It’s very easy, once you do it a few times you’ll have it down.

Another point to ponder. Going this route there will probably be a longer delay. Since the lock has to flip the virtual switch and it in turn has to trigger your routine.

Just something to be aware of.

Also on the device network ID field I usually use virt01,virt02,virt03. Ect… that way I can see what the last number I used and not create a duplicate. You can use anything you want.


I just installed a new SCHLAGE lock and also want to be notified when it is unlocked so that I can track when the dog walker comes and goes. How did you ultimately get your lock trigger events?


I am having the exact same problem. I have tried every possible way to fix this or debug it short of completely removing the lock and hard resetting it (which I am about to do). It’s a Yale lock with z-wave 2.0 and the touchscreen keypad. What’s strange is that it does fire the Lock events, but never the Unlock events.

@ethayer is there any way you can help us?

Just tried removing the lock, the user, then the app, then the device, then resetting the device and starting from scratch. No change. Haaalp! :smiley:

I’m confused. Any routine has an “Additional settings” section where you can “Automatically perform” it whenever, for example, a lock opens. Isn’t this the exact same thing you’re trying to do, already?