Unable to find hub in ide

Trying to set up a virtual switch and was just introduced to ide and it’s functions but after logging in and selecting a simulate virtual switch, fill in my name but when the drop down for hub and location nothing shows up but a selected blue dot but no name or description. I thought maybe I had to be next to the hub so I tried when I got home and still nothing. When I look at my devices and location in the menu of ide everything is there and accounted for so I’m really confused as to what step I’m missing to complete making a virtual switch.

Click on location and hen click on your hub name. It’ll kid up another screen that you’ll need to login into. Basically another site where everything really is.

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Will do I figured there had to be something simple. Thank you.

Oh here we go again.
Sorry it’s not you but you are just another guy who has fallen into this trap and ST do not want to fix it.
You are probably logged on to the wrong shard/server.
i assume you are using:-
This may be wrong. If you are using this address click on 'My Locations@ at the top of the page.
Now click on Home.
You should get a new logon screen.
I f you look in the address bar you will see that address of your IDE.
Bookmark this and use this in future.

@slagle @Aaron when are you going to do something about this?
How many times a day does this need to happen before you do anything about it?
These are new users and the first thing they encounter is a problem like this.
Not a very good impression.


Yes I was quick to resolve and understand. Completed my switch and now my goodnight routine should work. And yes I bookmarked the proper page for future log ins.