Unable to connect Fiabro RGBW controller

I have a smart thing UK version and I want to connect it to my fibaro RGBW controller. Every time i ad it via z wave to the hub it first seams to work I can rename it, but I can’t control it. The device shows up but is blue and if I tap on it, it says:" No connection to the device. Check device a try it again" (translated from German)

If have connected it multiple times, rested it and used another RGBW controller. All the other Fibaro switches working perfectly.

So what else can I do?


sorry for my language

Are you using a custom device handler? If so, the new app doesn’t work with them yet. You’ll have to use classic.

No I don’t use a custom device handler and I tried both apps non works for the RGBW controller.

Login to https://account.smartthings.com and go to the device page and see what is assigned for the Type