UK wiring for Hue always on

Hello Everyone

Looking for some advice and best practice for hue in a UK home. Currently every room has bulbs and a hue smart switch. I want to cover the original switch and have the curcuit always on.

Currently I’m using some switch covers which allow you to have the hue dimmer inside. I find them a litttle annoying as the dimmer can fall out. So thinking of going back to the original hue magnetic plate and covering over the original switch.

Is this legal?
Is it safe?
What is the best way to do this?
How can you wire to always on? And make safe?


To make it legal you still need a way to switch the power off to the light.

I left my switches in place use these:

Along with Phillips dimmers placed by the side of the original switch

That. My kitchen has the ceiling fitted spots and under cabinet lights on fibraro dimmers and momentary buttons,

My plinth lights and three drop lights over the island however are hue, that switch replaced the conventional switch. If I need to change a bulb ect then I just use the key to disable.

I use these and painted them white. Bit bulky but do the trick for me…