Two doors to garage, but control the light intelligently

I have an outside and inside garage door - the actual door door, not the doors for the car bays. (Yes, I just said door door…it is one of those evenings)

If I set light to go on when either door is opened and off when either door is closed, will there be a conflict in the system due to the rapid succession of actions?


  • I open door 1, light turns on
  • I close door 1, timer starts to turn light off
  • i open door two while timer is still running (just one end of the garage to the other), which is also set to turn on when open and off when closed

…what happens here??? Will the light timer be reset when the second door opens and then start over again when it closes? Just want to make sure so I can figure out what pieces I want to add to the system - door sensors or motion detector.