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Two accounts, two hubs, two locations - possible to control from a single iPhone?


(Scott) #1

I’ve been merrily using smartthings at home for a couple of years now and it’s gone so well I want to install a second hub in the office.

I would want to create a second account, and share logins with a couple of my colleagues, so we can control the kit in the office but they can’t see any of my home stuff.

I’ve only just realised when coming to set it up that I don’t think I can do this with the smartthings app on a single phone easily - i.e. it looks like I’ll have to constantly log in and out of the app every time I move from home to office, which sounds no fun at all :frowning:

Am I right, or is there a way to manage to locations with separate accounts from the same phone?

(Robin) #2

You can controll devices across accounts / hubs / locations using webCoRE.

You would need to create simulated devices in your primary account to mirror the devices in the secondary account.

Then use webCoRE to sync it all together.

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(Glen King) #3

I dunno… perhaps you could make an automation that logs you in/out depending on your location?
You’d have to use a different tool than SmartThings for it though. Perhaps Tasker to automatically open the ST mobile app when you are in a particular geographic location… from there, some combo of joao’s Autoapps and various keychain apps to log you out of an app and back in with geo-specific credentials??

(Scott) #4

Yikes - neither of them sound appealing. So it does seem that this isn’t close to out of the box supported so, to be honest, I’ll probably just use my tablet to control the office.
A pain, but easy access to my home hub is much more important to me.

Appreciate the responses - cheers.

(Robin) #5

You could also use ActionTiles to control the office via a mobile browser and the ST app on the same device to control home.

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(Scott) #6

Cheers Robin - yep - we plan to do that anyway, to turn lamps off and on.

(Alex) #7

You can use ActionTiles ($28.99) to create control Panels that work across multiple locations. You can create panels with limited access to devices you chose and share them with family and friends.


With ActionTiles on your phone you would have access to both Locations and have Panels that access ALL of your devices in both locations so you never have to Login or Logout. Both locations exist together.

On your colleagues phone, you only share the Panel with them that has the Office Devices / Routines so they never see anything else.

Unless you are doing maintenance in ST (creating / modifying Pistons, Routines, new Smart Lighting rules, adding a new device, there really isn’t a reason to ever need to use the SmartThings Mobile app. They don’t need it on their phone. Now if you mean “control” by allowing them administrative like access which I described in the sentence above, then that’s a different story.

Now of course this may all change when the full blown Samsung Connect application comes to fruition. This is supposed to allow for customized panels and I’m not sure if they are going to have access restrictions built in, something that people have talked about having as a feature within SmartThings for different members of a household for a very long time.

(Jimmy) #9

Why can’t you invite your home account from the work account? That way when logged into the home account you can see both locations in the hamburger menu. What am I missing here?

(Robin) #10

Very good point!!

(Jimmy) #11

Also, invites are now location specific. So you could technically set up the work location on your current account and invite co-workers to only access the work location. But a separate account would’t hurt just in case.

(Kampto) #13

I have 2 hubs in 2 locations and only need one log-in. Just go to the “More” button on the app and switch from one hub to the other.

(Scott) #14

Ah - ok… these responses fill me with joy - thanks folks.

We’re moving into the new office at the weekend so I’ll set it up then and report back on the experience, but I’m much more optimistic now!

(Scott) #16

Got round to trying this yesterday and It Just Works™, as suggested by kampto, Jimmy and Robin - no need for any other apps.

I created a smartthings account with my work email, added the new hub to it, then invited my home email to join that location/hub.
Now I can switch between hubs on the iphone app - even presence triggers both hubs!

So thanks for your help, all.


How about access for your colleagues? Have you invited a different email address to just the work location (Hub) to make sure that all they have access to is the work hub and not the home hub?

That was the part I think most of us based on that second requirement weren’t sure of the outcome and sent you in a couple of different directions.

(Tom Huynh) #18

you mentioned that you can control devices across accounts using webcore. Just wondering if you could give more details (probably better suited for the webcore community). Let me know. I registered 2 instances and on the top left, i see both hubs. I know how to create a Virtual Switch in Smartthings IDE, just having difficulty bringing in both devices in one piston.


How about you set up two Smarttthings accounts, one for home, one for office. From your office account invite your co- workers. From your home account invite your office account self. When you are logged in to your office account you should be able to manage home and office without having to log in and out, simply by choosing your location. Your co- workers should only be able to see the office account.