Twinkly Christmas Lights

Hey man so Ive added the smartapp and device handler, but for some reason when i try to add my device in the smartapp it keeps saying something went wrong and please try to install the smartapp again. any idea what i could be doing wrong here?

I haven’t looked at this since last year, I can’t say what would be causing this. With the move from the classic app some functionality was depreciated until it can be replicated in the new system, this could be the cause, as it broke some other custom handlers I had, but I don’t know.

Unfortunately I have now moved away from SmartThings now, so I won’t be updating the handler or app. But if anyone wants to carry on from where I left off they are more than welcome, so long as they provide their work to others free.


Since Covid-19 is here I started christmas decorating early and saw that the Twinkly-app doesnt support multiple on- and off-settings (For example on 06:00, off 08:00, on 15:30, off 23:00)
So I googled and found this, unfortunately I got the same result as Trenton_LaBiche.

Unfortunately I dont have any coding-skills but mabye there is someone out there that have?

I’ve managed to quickly get this working so that it is usable.
Dameon87/SmartThings: SmartApps and Devices for Samsung SmartThings (

Owner: Dameon87
Name: SmartThings
Branch: Master

Use the same way as before, except use my repo. Install SmartApp and use the IP Address of the Twinkly device on your network.
I’ve also modified the way login() is used a bit and instead delegated that to be done in the background once per minute. This ensures that commands response faster (instead of a long delay every command.)

I’ll work on this a bit more as time permits, but figured I’d share my success in getting this up and running. :slight_smile:

So far the following works: On, Off, and Brightness. These fit most of my needs, though I may add other bits as time permits.


Awesome, so I now have the device created using the app, but for some reason it’s not responding when I try to give it a command in smartthings. Any idea what I may have done wrong?

I’ll take a look in a few, but I have an idea as to what it is. (The way the IP address is stored.) Lemme wrap up dinner and I’ll push some changes.

I’ve added a few minor changes to the smartapp to address this, and it now correctly adds the device and ensures it is assigned to the hub. Give it a try!

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Looks like that update did it, thank you so much.

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No worries, just happy to share something that helps others. Happy Holidays!


Hi. Thank you so much for creating this.
I have my gen2 lights connected to Alexa but I can’t see how to add them to ST. I’ve added the DH and the SA but how do physically add the lights ? I’ve tried a local search but not worked. Do I need to put the lights back into pairing mode ? I’ve feed the IP address in the SA but I can’t add the device.

I figured it out. The device name entered into the smart app has to match exactly as it is listed in the routers dhcp list.

Hi, I’ve updated the DH and SA, deleted the old device and created a new one (IP and Name accordingly with the name in the Twinkly APP), but when I open the device in ST it breaks/exit the app and in the log I see a “Invalid Token, returning L213, parse”, not sure if it’s related.

I came across this thread while doing some googling… Very new to IFTTT, but I was curious if I could use my Twinkly lights as a notification of sorts? Specifically thinking if when it snows, change the lights to the “Only Snow” effect.

@Jonathon_Bischof Hello, thank you for creating the DH and SA for this. I cannot get my Twinkly 100 (2nd Gen) to work though. I’ve set a static IP for the lights and tried entering the router’s DHCP name “Twinkly 100” and the Twinkly app name “Palm Tree” for the SA name. Both created a device, but neither worked.

Have same problem, add my lights but cant contol, mayby new FW dont work?

Anyone have it Rolling?
Have 2 icicle 2gen

Just added my 2 Twinkly lights without any problems even not using the DHCP names by:

  • Added the SmartApp (Dameon87/SmartThings/master) with the IP Address of the “first” light
  • Added the SmartApp (Dameon87/SmartThings/master) with the IP Address of the “other” light
  • Added the DH (Dameon87/SmartThings/master)
  • Added the 2 lights as devices
  • Added a virtual switch and added on/off automations to turn the 2 lights on/off as one device

And everythings works fine.

Also created some Automations to turn on the virtual switch (e.g., both my Twinkly’s) a sunset, turn it off at midnight, turn it on again at 6am and finally off at sunrise.



Its suddenly starts to work,but baybe a little bugg,but i gonna try for some time.
I make no virtual.i control direktly by smart light

I’ve just tried - it’s in and working, but will have to try what automations work with it, next. Thanks for this!

@Jonathon_Bischof, thank you for taking this over I am glad the community won’t miss out.

If you find yourself stuck due to my implementation feel free to reach out and I will help where I can.

Sounds like this was working in Nov 2020, but I seem to be having some odd issues… Successfully created SmartApp and Device Handler, but had to manually create the device (new ST app doesn’t show the SmartApp)… The current status seems to update correctly, sometimes… and I can turn on/off, sometimes… It’s like it will work once then not work again for a number of hours… When it does successfully turn on/off, the status fails to update and a message appears saying “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

Anybody that was using this last year, still using it successfully?

Also, it doesn’t show up as a device I can share with WebCoRE :frowning: