Managing devices from website browser, Tuya momentary relay

Last time I looked the account.smartthings web interface allowed to modify software settings of devices. I see that this is no longer available. I have a zigbee relay which acts as momemtary - is there a way I can set it to persistent?

What’s the brand and model of the relay and what edge driver are you using? The available options will depend on the specific edge Driver.

Use the advanced page of the web interface:

The device is: “Zigbee Tuya Ewelink Smart Switch Relay Module”
I don’t know what is an edge driver
My hub is SAMSUNG SmartThings Station
I can find the advanced ui now, but I couldn’t find the setting that used to be there about momentary or persistent switch

This will explain about edge drivers. They are software that runs on your hub and allows it to communicate to your end devices like the relay. They are part of the new 2023 architecture.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Because that is a Tuya device, you are probably going to need a custom edge driver, but I will have to leave it to other people to discuss that option. :thinking:

What would be a good relay to use with SmartThings?

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

I am in Israel but I am using the American hub.

230v electrical system?

What current draw does it need to support in amps?

The wall socket is 220v but I can make it whatever needed.
The relays I had so far were powered by DC.

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For Tuya ZigBee relays I use the “ZigBee Switch Mc” Edge driver. You can get it at:

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Thanks I’ll try that

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