Turning off/on AC based on multi-level thermostat with time delay?

Hi there,

I have a 4 floor townhouse with an ecobee on each floor. I created an automation in the new ST app to turn off the 4th floor ecobee but what it ends up doing is turning off the entire AC unit to the rest of the floors to. Anybody know how I can keep the AC running?

Furthermore there is no time delay in the automations app. How can I create an automation for this where it only turns off the 4th floor ecobee if the patio door is open for X minutes?

Do you have independent thermostats for each floor or they linked to each other? If it’s independent then check that your automation isn’t accidentally connecting to all 4.

Alternatively you can use a SmartApp like this one which has support for turning off thermostats when a contact sensor is opened for X minutes and then resuming once it’s closed.