Turning attic fans on and off every 1 hour HELP!

I just installed an attic fan and would like to some how program ST to turn it on for example at 1am stay on for
1hr then turn off for 30 min and repeat all day long. How can i achieve something like this ?
In reality i would like it to turn on say at 2pm and stay on for 4hrs then off then back on again say at 8 pm stay on
for 2 hrs then off and so on .
basically how can i create a on off scheduel based on 24hr cycle?

Smarthings (ST) time-schedules still seem to be entirely cloud-dependent and not 100% reliable.

I suggest a hardwired thermostat for this purpose, and a ST temperature sensor to monitor the attic temperature.

I would use also use a hardwired thermostat for attic fan as you don’t wan’t it running if it doesn’t have to.

It’s cool to have it integrated into ST so in that case, I would use any good hard wired z-wave multi sensor and use CoRE or webCoRE to incorporate the rules you have along with temperature.

If you are not handy soldering then something like this is plug and play:

Thank you for those who chimed in, I appreciate the help.
I am not purely going with temperature to be honest.
I have a small office that was built next to the attic and wanted to run the fans on times that
i occupy the office and a few times before and after just to clear up the attic smell that is filling
into my office lol. And by doing so it would hopefully help the whole house temp as well on the side.
so i started playing with smart lighting and added a few on off timers ,
attic fan 1 & 2 on at 7am off at 915am
attic fan 1 & 2 on at 1pm off at 6 pm

1st timer to clear the air out before i go there
2nd timer to cool down the attic and clear air while im in the office.

checked this morning and seems like per ST log they seemed to have turned on and off .
if this works then i guess this will do but i was looking for a more comprehensive scheduling so i would not
need to add so many different smart lighting events.
Thank You everyone