Turn on lights for fixed time only?

Hi @ironglass,

There have been a lot of improvements, but losing functionality depends upon your setup. If you use custom device handlers, then the new app will struggle showing you the same tiles for that device, but the capabilities are still there for us with smartapps and some automations. It also depends on what SmartApps you may be using, especially ones that control Smart Home Monitor (now called SmartThings Home Monitor - STHM in the new app).

Depending on how complex your setup is, you may not get notified right away to migrate, but if you’re pretty much “out of the box”, you may move faster than others. I’ve got a large ST implementation with custom apps and device handlers, but I’ve moved (manually). It’s not a simple process, and there were things in Classic (custom SHM rules for example) that did not easily “map” to the new app. I had to use a combination of Scenes and Automations (sometimes 2 or 3) to do what 1 custom SHM rule did in Classic, but it is doable.

If you use your phone(s) as presence sensors, they work, but they do not show up in your list of devices.

You can use both apps at the same time, but I do not recommend setting up STHM or phone presence because you will not like the experience. Since it’s been a while since you’ve caught up on this Classic/new app topic, I don’t recommend you try moving over yet until 1) ST notifies you, or 2) you read up on a few discussions about the topic so you know what to do and what to (or not to) expect. Here’s a good starting point:

I know that’s a large discussion to digest, but there’s valuable info in there, as well as links to other similar discussions.