Turn off TV through Chromecast


I was wondering if there is any chance that I could make my Samsung Smartthings Hub v3 turn on and off my TV which is not a smart tv of any kind, but just a HDMI-CEC capable tv with a Chromecast plugged into it.

I can use my google speaker and assistant to turn it on and off - but would like to be able to do it in automations.

So like when everyone has left the house - it will turn the TV off.
When someone comes home - turn it on again.

Is this possible?

I think your best bet may be to implement Assistant Relay. It will basically act like another Google Home device that you can pass commands to (such as “hey google turn off the TV”).

I personally have not set this up but it’s not quite as straightforward as some other custom integrations, and you’ll need a server or computer to run it on.

Thanks - I will look at it this weekend.

If you can connect the TVs to the Alexa app you could use a simulated Alexa switch to connect it to Smartthings. I don’t think you need a physical Alexa device, but I could be wrong.
I have a Vizio TV set up that way and it works. It only gives you on/off control. But I do have physical Alexa devices.