Chromecast to trigger smart plug?

Hi can someone help me out I have a dumb amp powering my outdoor and kitchen speakers, I have a chromecast audio connected to this for casting spotify or soundcloud the amp is plugged in to a smartthings plug. I’m wanting the smartthings plug yo turn on whenever anything is cast to the chromecast and then turn off once the chromecast is no longer being cast to. Is this achievable? And if so hows the best way of setting it up?
Just incase it helps I have google home as well as smartthings and ifttt.

Not sure i can really help with your exact problem but i have a dumb tv which is attached to an smartthings plug. When i ask Google assistant to ‘turn on the tv’ i have a routine set up which turns on the power, waits 10s and then triggers my infrared blaster to switch it on.

If i then tell google im ‘heading to work’ or ‘going to bed’ i’ve set up another routine which looks at the wattage the tv is using and if its above a specific threshold presumes the TV is therefore on and triggers the IR blaster to turn it off, then giving it 20s before the power is turned off via the smartthings plug.

So in summary not sure how you could get it to turn on your chromecast the way you are describing but for turning off you could have an automation monitoring the wattage used and cutting power once the wattage has fallen to a minimal value for ‘x’ minutes.

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Thanks for your post I could use my assistant to power the amp on or off in the way you do. I plan on having my chromecast on permanent I just need the chromecast to send a signal or spotify to send a signal to operate the smart plug. I’m thinking it might not be possible even with ifttt.
Again thankyou though

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