Turn Off LIFX bulb if turned on during day

I’d like an automation using ST app to turn off my LIFX bulb if it is manually turned on during the daylight hours (or some custom time range). Does anyone know how to achieve this automation functionality?

Not sure what criteria you need, but have you had a look at Smart Lighting?

i think you can do that in the st app?. In automation choose the Time condition and set it to day(or whatever you want)),+ add the condition that the Lifx light is on. Choose action turn Lifx light off and set it to the amount of time you want it to be on before it turns off. I havent tried it, just seems logic to do it that way;-)

What do you mean by “manually turned on”? Do you mean turned on with the app or with a switch?

You could certainly create an automation that would always turn it off if turned on between, say, sunrise and sunset, but that might be annoying if someone had turned it on to look closely at something, like taking out a splinter, where they wanted the extra light even during the daytime.

So if it was me, I might combine it with a motion sensor and no motion in the room for 15 minutes during the daylight hours. But that’s up to you. :sunglasses:

Hi. It is an outside driveway light. People turn the switch off then back on and of course the light goes on. And it’s daytime so I want the bulb to go off in this case during the day.

Thanks. I have set it up this way but it didn’t seem to work. I need to try a couple of settings changes and tinker a bit.

Or just put a child lock on the switch. That’s what we do at our house for the porch light. The switch is still available if needed, but it reminds people not to use it. Only costs a couple of dollars, there are many different styles available.

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