Trying to Identify Sensor

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I started this conversation on reddit, thought you guys might be able to add information or help me out?


If This is sold for use in the United States, it will have an FCC ID on it somewhere. If it’s not on the back case, it may be inside the battery compartment under the battery.

Find that, and we should be able to tell you what it is. :sunglasses:

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So from comparing my photos to the photos here:

It looks like it might be a MCT-320 SMA

Which states:
The MCT-320 is a fully supervised, wireless magnetic contact sensor, for use with iControl control panels. The sensor includes a built-in reed switch (that opens upon removal of a magnet placed near it).

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I can’t actually find the FCC ID anywhere though.

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@JDRoberts and it looks like you may have addressed something similar here:

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This is the same “RAW DESCRIPTION” I have once I pair the device with my hub as well.

01 0104 FFFF 00 01 0000 00

This this guy talks about: Visonic door/window