Trying to get "HTTP Motion Endpoint" to work from Blue Iris or web browser

(Ray Crosier) #1

Hi all,

I’m new to Smartthings, but have done development in the past. I’m struggling with this, but feel that I’m very close to making it work… but not quite.

I have a Smartthings Outlet, and I’ve set up Kristopher Kubicki’s “HTTP Motion Endpoint” smartapp. I’ve added a “Smart Lighting” SmartApp, and have successfully gotten it to turn the outlet on from my phone, and turn off after xx minutes.

However, when I try to hit the URL that I’m provided from Kristopher’s SmartApp, I get an error, typically like:

{“error”:true,“type”:“AccessDenied”,“message”:“This request is not authorized by the specified access token”}

This happens from my browser. I get similar messages from Blue Iris, when I try to set up the Web Alert.

Can anyone suggest why I get the AccessDenied error with Kristopher’s code?

Thanks very much!

[Solved] (in a round-about way), Turn on/off outlet or switch from Blue Iris
(Ray) #2

Possible you didn’t enable OAuth in the newly created Smartapp from within the IDE?

(Ray Crosier) #3

Nope, enabled OAuth and checked it several times to be sure it was.
But thanks.