Trying to add OpenHAB as a secondary controller

I’m trying to add OpenHAB as a secondary controller. I’m running OH2 on a RPi 3 with a Aeon Gen 5 zwave stick. Also using the latest HABmin.

I have tried putting both ST and OH in scanning mode and can’t for the life of me get them to detect each other.

The Aeon appears to be properly bound in openHAB, but still no luck.

Anyone have any ideas?


The only way this can be done is by using zensys-tools to create the configuration.

I did the same but had a ZME-UZB1 controller

Thanks! I’ll google around for info on that.

Ok - I got it connected to ST using the Zensys tools (very little documentation for that program that I could find!).

However, I couldn’t get openHAB to do anything with it - my nerd-fu is too weak. So I decided to try out Domoticz.

The z-stick is still recognized by ST and I added it as an item in the Domo hardware tab, but still no communication between the two.

Now I’m trying to get ST to forget the z-stick and I can’t figure out how to do that! Removed it from Domo, tried to get Zensys to make it disconnect from ST while in “exclusion mode,” but nothing. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?