Trouble using GE 26931 switch/motion sensor with external motion sensor

Thinking I could use both motion sensor to control the light. However when installing the switch it comes up as a “z wave multi channel device” with no motion sensor controls and when I go to select a motion sensor it is not listed as one. I have it and an GE external motion sensor in the same room. My hope was that it would only turn off when motion was absent from both motion sensors. However the 26931 motion sensor seems to work as a standalone. Even with the external motion sensor still showing motion the light turns off at the designated time (that is set on the switch) that the switch does not see motion. The external motion sensor will turn on the light initially however but only if it sees motion first.

Another thing I find strange. I have noticed when the light turn off or on via the motion sensor on the switch the indicator on the app does not change to off or on to match the actual light status. But is does with the external sensor

Now Smartthings support is telling me that the device is not supported even though it clearly states it is Smartthings compatible on the box!

It is not officially supported but users have had success with the following custom DTH.

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