Trapping hello homes

Is there any way to trap the outcome of hello home actions like the mode changes?

What do you mean by “trapping”? Limiting the executing of a Hello, Home action to a particular mode?

Nope my bad and English ! The outcome/results of a hello home action in my SmartApp. Suppose my Good Morning hello home was trigerred and I want to know what was the actual result? Did it actually turn off my lights? With my custom apps and mode changes, I can.

Does anything show up in Live Logging in IDE?
Internally, Hello Homes are called “Phrases”… I think I’ve seen some Live Logging messages, but I don’t use many Phrases…

What I mean is when my mode changes, I can trap it right and do something like play a message on Sonos or something and take some action based on that. So, my question is can I capture in my code or subscribe to some hello home action? What I want to do is when the hello home triggered, I want to capture it like we do with mode changes and take some additional actions based on what happened.

To the best of my knowledge, no… But it could just be an undocumented event type.

You can subscribe to events on devices, as well as location.mode.

But I see no documentated way to subscribe to phrase.execute.

Workaround: have your Phrase flip a virtual switch?

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That’s what I had assumed and suggested in one of the threads but again that virtual switch may get missed too…

If a simple Device like a virtual switch gets “missed”, then we’ve got a symptom of a big problem, I guess.

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Unless things are happening in a really weird way, the virtual switch should be immune to almost all issues of network traffic, never go to sleep, never time out, and so catch pretty much anything that happens at around the same time it’s reported to the hub.

What happens next depends on the next device in the sequence, though.


I will give this a try tmrw… Simplest use case… Sunset with offset happens via hello home, turns on a Virtual switch… I capture it and turn on couple of other lights!

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I do this with my Goodbye! phrase. It turns on a virtual switch, and I have an app that is triggered by that. Works reliably, except for the timing of the Goodbye! phrase running, which varies. My Goodbye! is triggered by “Everyone Leaves” with a 3 minute delay. Sometimes it takes several minutes, but I’ve never seen it outright fail.

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