Tradfri Power outlet + button?

Hi all, I have searched for the answer, but could not find one, so here we go…I have about 10 tradfri Bulbs and several power outlets all connected to my ST Hub. I am now thinking of buying the power outlet kit which has a ON/Off switch in it. I wanted to ask if anyone has managed pair this on/off button with the tradfri bulbs themselves? I want to use this small button to turn the tradfri bulbs on and off instead of the massive round steering contol or the flimsy dimmer. Thanks for reading.

This is the kit:ådfri-control-outlet-kit-art-10364797/

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I use the socket successfullt with ST but not tried to pair the button

I wonder if there is some problem with the button, as it’s been out of stock across the whole country for the past several weeks now, and normally the tradfri devices come back in stock every week or so.

I’d like to know about the button as well.
It’s a great bonus to buy a smart outlet that just works that comes with a free/cheap button (I know the outlet alone is cheaper, but still). In fact, if the button works, I would even look at it as if I’m buying a button, and getting a free outlet with it.

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Amen to that. Hopefully one of the geniuses on this forum figures it out. A button for $5 apiece is a great deal

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Just FYI, I just got one of these sets (with both outlet and factory-paired button).

Prior to testing, turning on, or using either in any way, I followed the included instructions to reset the button (again, haven’t even turned the outlet on yet, and never clicked the button before doing this reset).

After that, I put ST in pairing mode, and when I did the reset on the tradfri button while ST was in pairing mode, it found the button.

That’s the only good news here though…

After that, I went through and tested every Zigbee button and/or switch Device Handler I could find, but none of them work.

Since I was able to pair it, it gives me hope that we may one day be able to use them here, but I’d need some more instruction for where to go from here.

Any ideas, instructions?

If you must have a button to control the lights, try a Samsung SmartThings button.

I bought several of these. My wife is prone to falling, and the last time she fell it was on the last step to the basement causing her to fracture her ankle. I was at work 30 minutes away. Were it not for the 2 men working upstairs on our floor who helped her, she would have laid on the cold concrete in pain until I came home from work.
Now I mounted one of these buttons at the bottom of the basement stairs that she can crawl to if she can’t get up. It will do anything the SmartThings setup can do, but I have it send me a text. You could easily change this automation to control lights.

They are only $14.99 and they integrated seamlessly.

Oh, and I told my wife to go down the basement stairs only if absolutely necessary. When I am home, I get my exercise.

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If your wife is prone to falling and you can afford it I highly recommend the Apple smartwatch with cell service. You can even wear it in the shower. That way you always have a phone on you and you can voice call or text so it’s pretty easy. :wink:

The Apple Watch can even detect a fall, detect whether you are moving after the fall, and automatically make a call for you if you are not moving and you don’t respond.

I am a wheelchair user and used to wear a different fall detection device, but the Apple Watch has been fantastic since I got it. It’s expensive upfront, but then it’s only $10 a month if you already have an iPhone, so it actually costs me less than my previous monitoring service.

There’s no direct integration with smartthings, but you can send a text or a call to IFTTT and get integration that way. :sunglasses:

Also, for specific areas of the home, an Echo Dot gives you a lot of voice calling options if your wife is able to vocalize. Way easier than having to crawl to a button. ( been there, done that. :hot_face:)

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As of this writing, January 2019, the handheld remote and buttons in the Tradfri line don’t work with anything except their own devices. They don’t work with hue bridge, they don’t work with HomeKit, they don’t work with vera, they don’t work with smartthings. Many people have tried and failed.

What you can do is add them to your zigbee network and then join them to a Tradfri bulb or pocket socket, and use them as a parallel means of control. But they don’t send button presses to the hub, so there’s nothing a DTH can do. Like I said, it’s the same way with HomeKit and with the hue bridge, so a lot of people have been trying it.

There’s a recent discussion from someone who’s been trying to get the five button handheld tradfri remote to work, but no success as yet.

I suspect those will have to wait until Ikea decides to change the way the device communicates.

I appreciate the concern. There is a Google Home Mini in the next room and she has an Apple watch 3 but she only wears it outside the house.

So far, she has fractured her elbow by falling in front of a grocery store because she wasn’t going where she was looking and she wasn’t looking where she was going. Her elbow looks like part of the Terminator. She did not follow up on her therapy, so when she fell again, that elbow was injured more. That is when the titanium elbow was installed. A few months ago is when she missed the last step to the basement. That fractured her ankle. The doctor put it in a cast and it grew back together mostly. Looking at her ankle you can see it isn’t right but it doesn’t bother her.

Getting back on topic, she does appreciate some of the SmartThings and was happy I installed the panic button “just in case” . As she gets older I may purchase a SmartThings panic button she can wear as a necklace. I might need to bling it up a bit so she will wear it.

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I don’t know if the Google home mini has the same calling options. But with an Echo Dot you can tell it to call pretty much any specific phone number and it will. Or anyone from your contact list on your smart phone that has the app. So that’s just a really nice feature if you just want to call a neighbor or a family member without having to move. :wink:

I just made a call with a Google Home Mini so it does work.

I appreciate your assistance with this. I am trying to be proactive, hoping she doesn’t fall again. If she falls on that elbow again, the doctor said she might lose the arm.

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I suggest we take the falling discussions to a new thread because we’re getting way off topic for this one. :sunglasses:

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offer me a 3-pack for $25, and I’ll fill my cart :slight_smile:

Tried these. I confirm that you cant pair the switch and the outlet at the same time. If you par the switch to to socket, it doesn’t work in smartthings anymore. If you pair the socket to smartthings, the switch doesn’t work any more