Tradfri candle flicker

Is there a way to make the ikea tradfri bulbs flicker Like a candle? As I have these bulbs outside my house and as Halloween is coming I wanted to be able to make them a bit spooky?

If you add it to a Hue bridge, that supports many active features, like candle light.

My bulbs are paired with SmartThings at mo, do I have to unpair and pair with Phillips hue bridge?

Yes, you need to. I am not aware any feature in Smartthings which would imitate candle light changes. Generally the Smartthings zigbee wasn’t designed to that kind of behaviour.

Philips Hue is dropping the old v1 bridges to be able to provide dynamic changes for bulbs, like ambient light when you are watching a movie on a Philips TV.

People tried to build SmartApps before to do it, but I think it was a fail.

And please excuse me, but you need to check that the IKEA Tradfri lightbulbs can be paired with a Philips Hue bridge. I am not sure about the compatibility. Anyhow, on ebay you can get a bridge quite cheap even used ones and the Hue app and other apps to the Philips Hue environment gives a lot of dynamic light effects, like changing colors for music or firework effects, etc.

I have several flicker flame bulbs from Menard’s controlled by a smart switch. These cost less than $9.00. You don’t need smart bulbs for this project.