Tradfri Battery Life

I have 7 of the IKEA smart blinds in my master bedroom… Each blind comes with a button and a Zigbee extender. All 7 blinds work great and are in the same room as the V2 Hub. only need two buttons in there to I have 5 extras that I can use elsewhere in the house… So I sprinkled about the range extenders and programed the buttons to do all kinds of cool stuff.

Everything was working great until after about 6 months one by one all of the batteries started to die. A little faster then I thought… but OK… So I buy cheap dollar store batteries… and they all need to be re-added to Smartthings… but other than that extra step… they call came back to life…

Then they all died… again… this time in 3 days… So I figure… what do I expect buying 33 cent batteries (3 for a dollar)… So I buy the best brand name batteries I can buy… ($5 per) and they lasted exactly 7 days and then they died.

So I deleted one and re-added it to smart-things… And now the buttons are backwards… The up is off and the down is on…

Anyone else figure this out? Did Samsung/ Ikea do a BIOS update in the past couple of weeks?

Anyone having similar problems?

The batteries in the room with the hub seem to have better battery life so I think it is something with the repeaters… Any chance this is a battery life polling problem? Any way to turn that off?

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This is a known issue with the current version of the iOS App and “Quick Controls.” You can use an Automation to accomplish the same functionality (and additional functionality) that won’t have this issue. This is fixed in the next App Update.

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Multiple people have been reporting a battery life problem with the IKEA devices that just started happening about a month ago when the Zigbee stack was updated. There are several discussion threads in the forum about it. I should note that this has also been reported with a couple of other brands of hubs, but I don’t know the details.

It does appear that the devices are responding with a long poll instead of a short poll, so essentially they are never going to sleep and they are going through batteries in just a few days.



@JDRoberts, This what I have reported too. Batteries last 2 days top. From 100 to 16% in 24 hours.
I had those remote buttons from the day they became available on SmartThings. Batteries lasted until couple days ago, until last hub update. Since then they last only 24 hours.
I am pretty sure that this has to something with latest update, since prior to that, yhey lasted forever.
Something is going on
I have unplugged hub, and mesh was rebuilt, but still the same issue

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Anyone put in a help ticket?

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Yup lots have … both with Samsung and IKEA…