Tracking Schlage Connect Door Codes

I purchased a year ago a Schlage Camelot door lock. I have it connected to Smartthings and can lock/unlock it with the push of a button. That’s cool and all, but is there a way to track the codes that are used to open the door? You can have up to 30 different codes, but what’s really the point of those codes if you’re not able to track the usage. The idea I’m going with is being able to get a notification when the door is opened and who opened it. If you can’t track the usage of the codes, then really, why have that many different codes.

Try lock-manager from @ethayer


Just saw that when browsing the projects forum. Seems like a pretty big feature miss on something critical like a smart door lock.

I agree luckily the community has stepped up to filled the misses/gaps.

The above is in ‘beta’ , try it and it meets your needs then a beer :beer: donation is an option but not required.

A paid version from @RBoy

Has plenty of features and support is pretty good.


I got Ethayer’s installed. Was very easy and a great write up helped. Now just to continue to learn more about what I can do with SmartThings.


Correct link to app, @Smartphi had linked to the Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler that brings out additional lock capabilities/features within SmartThings to use with SmartLocks.

This one is used for User Management and Actions and is compatible with SmartLocks: