TP-Link Kasa Edge Driver (also LIFX)

Duplicates are not ideal because my ST devices pull into Alexa so they can become triplicates. Still deciding which integrations for Kasa I want to turn off.

Kasa doesn’t support “sleep” options I’m the Kasa app so I assume the Smartthings feature is something that could be enabled in the device settings as it is presented to Smartthings.

For some reason (unknown to me) TAPO plug device consumption data appears in LIFE / ENERGY on SMARTTHING app but KASA energy management plug devices do not.
But they do use different LINKED SERVICES in SETTINGS/Linked Services


II’m trying to pair the KP125M. It’s the Matter version Kasa smart plug. I have a few of them paired with Matter in ST but of course Matter doesn’t support Energy yet. I added a new one in the Kasa ap and then tried scan near by but it doesn’t pair. Are the Matter version plugs supported?

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It does not appear that @BarryA 's Kasa driver supports the Matter version (KP125M). He would probably need to make some modifications.

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Thank you.

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Thank you for the TPlink driver, i had not realised a driver had been created for these devices

I have a couple of TPlink HS100 plugs in use, i added your driver, searched nearby and they were immediately discovered without the need to reset them or drag them out of there installed locations which is a huge bonus

Working perfect and TPlink connection now removed

Thank you

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Hi @BarryA , would it be possible for you to add support for Kasa Matter Smart Plug (KP125M)? I’d really like to have energy monitoring feature connected to smartthings! Thank you so much

Does anyone know the process used to create these drivers? I saw it was mentioned since there’s no documented api they had to figure it out themself. But how was that done? Would be interesting if we could figure out how to create our own device.

Barry’s drivers are open source and are posted on GitHub. You could use them as a starting point.

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Hi, has anyone gotten the lifx strip to work with these drivers? All my bulbs are working fine in smartthings but for the strips, I only see dimmer control and no colour control? Is anyone else having the same problem?

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For anyone using the KP200 outlet, is the Main supposed to control both plug 1 and plug 2?

Main only controls Plug 1 for me. Just checking if this is expected.

So what’s the trick to getting the HS300 to see all the individual outlets? I have the BA LAN beta drivers installed and I think are being used as the date of the driver is March of 2023. Not to mention, the strips themselves that do show in ST are constantly going offline

They the Beta driver and see if it helps

Come on man. Read my post. I already said I’m using the beta drivers and added a screenshot showing as such.

Your screen shot shows your using the production copy, the beta copy Is different.

See my link in earlier message.

I just tried this driver with my TP-Link HS300’s and it found them on my network after I exposed my Guest wireless network where the power strips are currently connected to my main network where my SmartThings hubs are connected.

This driver was able to power On/Off the various HS300 power ports even without an internet connection which makes the Wi-Fi HS300 power strips ‘local’ to SmartThings using it. Interesting…

Updated thought. And if Kasa ever stops supporting them, at least SmartThings should continue to support them via this Edge driver.

When I try to go to the beta drivers I get this forbidden permission. Is anyone else able to access it?

There is an ongoing issue with channel invites.

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I’m using this driver with the HS300 Power Strips which only appear as one device instead of six devices which the TP-Link service providers. The associated PlugN’s on this drivers power strip device are just labeled Plug1, Plug2, and so on which make it more difficult to use having to know what’s connected to each PlugN on the power strip when doing Routines. Right now, I first have to look at the Kasa app to see which PlugN I want to use in the Routine. Is there any way to add customizable names for each PlugN on the TP-Link power strips supported by this driver?