TP-Link Kasa Edge Driver (also LIFX)

Duplicates are not ideal because my ST devices pull into Alexa so they can become triplicates. Still deciding which integrations for Kasa I want to turn off.

Kasa doesn’t support “sleep” options I’m the Kasa app so I assume the Smartthings feature is something that could be enabled in the device settings as it is presented to Smartthings.

For some reason (unknown to me) TAPO plug device consumption data appears in LIFE / ENERGY on SMARTTHING app but KASA energy management plug devices do not.
But they do use different LINKED SERVICES in SETTINGS/Linked Services


II’m trying to pair the KP125M. It’s the Matter version Kasa smart plug. I have a few of them paired with Matter in ST but of course Matter doesn’t support Energy yet. I added a new one in the Kasa ap and then tried scan near by but it doesn’t pair. Are the Matter version plugs supported?

It does not appear that @BarryA 's Kasa driver supports the Matter version (KP125M). He would probably need to make some modifications.

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Thank you.

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I received a notification from SMARTTHINGS last week 14/9 , stating they had teamed up with TP-Link and quote “and we are excited to announce that you can track the energy usage of any appliance by simply using a TP-LINK smart plug and connecting it to Smartthings Energy” … I’m thinking this only applies to TP-LINK TAPO devices and NOT to TP-LINK KASA devices with energy management … Anyone know for sure ?