Tp link Hs 100 socket


(Paul Butcher) #1

Hi all
I am new to all this and I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing but willing to learn, I have just bought a Smartthings hub but I have Alexa and 3 tplink Plugs HS 100 can anyone give me a step by step instruction on how to use them with Smartthings.Hub What software I need and how to compile it and execute it.
Please excuse me as this again is all new to me.

Many thanks


(Ernie) #2

Click on the link below.

(Paul Butcher) #3

Hi Erni
You may think me dumb but i need a step by step expert to get me through this to get it right


(Ernie) #4

I have only done the cloud to cloud integration which was fairly simple. In the post above if you click on the link to github for the cloud to cloud integration you will see that @Gutheinz provided a complete and easy to follow step by step guide to set this up.

(Paul Butcher) #5

I must be really stupid I’m getting it all wrong are you U.S.A. based or U.K. I could really do with your help this is a link to discord so we can talk if that’s ok


(Paul Butcher) #6

Maybe tomorrow if your free.


(Paul Butcher) #7

can you give me instruction over discord or teamviewer


(Paul Butcher) #8

once I see it done once I should be ok from that point onward discord

Many thanks


(Ernie) #9

I apologize but I am not well versed enough in this integration for a walk through. If you follow the link below and the steps it provides you should be ok. If you get stuck or have any questions, @Gutheinz would be the person to ask as he created the device handler and smartapp.