toXml missing

Is the xml2lua.toXml method not supported? I am getting a nil for that symbol… Is there an alternative way?

Would xml2lua.printable() or xml2lua.toString() work for your needs? You could add any top level XML decoration needed yourself.

Of course I could code anything I need myself (or even just cut and paste from xml2lua codebase), but I was wondering if xml2lua’s built in functionality of converting a table to xml was available somehow as it would be weird to allow to parse xml but not output it – It does seem to have parsing xml into a table, but not the reverse of converting a table back to xml.

The two functions mentioned only print tables to text and do not convert to xml

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Following up on this question. The engineering team already made the report to update xml2lua to a greater version.
Just as a heads-up, this can take some time. We’ll let you know when we get an update.