Toilet tank leaked through ceiling

In my basement, I have 5 of these water sensors:

I hooked them to an Arduino Mega (You can get these cheaper, this is just one I found quickly on Amazon.)

with a thing shield!/products/smartthings-shield-arduino (Unfortunately, looks like they are sold out at the moment they always seem to be sold out…)

and used @ogiewon 's ST Anything libraries.

to communicate to the ST hub where I ran a multiplexer smart app to distribute them to 5 virtual moisture sensors
If you can get a wire to where you need to check for moisture, this is a very economical way to put a lot of them around.

$18 for the Arduino, $40 (I think) for the thing shield, and $8 for the sensors.

You could do 10 sensors for about $14 each. (or 20 for about $10 each…) If you can find the water sensors cheaper (probably could if you ordered directly from China), it could be even cheaper.


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