Toggle Play/Pause on a specific Chromecast

So I’m not sure if I’ll end up going through SmartThings to do this…or if that’s even the best way…but I’m on a mission to get this figured out.

I have a Vizio TV that came with a very small, black remote with like 5 buttons on it…the “real remote” is a mobile app that you have to use (ugh). We are CONSTANTLY misplacing the remote, so 99% of the time, we use the Google Home to play/pause the TV…after a while it gets annoying to constantly yell “HEY GOOGLE, PLAY” “HEY GOOGLE, PAUSE”, etc.

So I want to build a button…a single button, that goes dead center on the coffee table. But not just any button, I want it to be a big red mushroom button that you can slam lol. Like so…I just thought this would make it fun… :slight_smile:

(side note…yes I’ve seen the fibaro giant smart button…it has terrible reviews, and I don’t think it can hadle the occasional slam)

Now, I’m certainly not shy to MacGuyver’ing something together…My initial thoughts are…buy a smart things button, or some other smart button, take it apart, and wire the relay in the big red button into the smart button…not sure if there will be resistance issues or not…So that’s the idea for the button itself…

As far as controlling chromecast…I have no idea…Here’s my thoughts…

  1. IFTTT, but I don’t see direct Chromecast support (not surprised)
  2. Use IFTTT to trigger a Google Assistant/Home routine, also don’t see any support for this (also, not surprised)
  3. VIZIO TV API - Yes…my TV has an API…which I have used…but it’s a pain…I can technically use either a custom Device handler for this…or POSSIBLY webCoRE…but not sure, haven’t tested that theory yet since the API call requries specific headers.
  4. Use a Bluetooth Flic button - I have an extra one, but I really don’t want to deal with taking that thing apart…and also I would have to have a dedicated Android phone/tablet to handle this…also not ideal…however, software wise would be the easiest to set up since Flic directly supports controlling Chromecast via their app…so that’s nice…
  5. Using a Smarthings connected button and the Android app “SharpTools” to trigger a Tasker event using the AutoCast plugin…not exactly a fun path to go down, but I have done stuff like that before, and it works…however, it also requires using 3 separate Android apps, and hosting an android tablet somewhere…so, not so fun.

So I thought about this a bit today…and it dawned on me…Why deal with making it smart at all…Just go the dumb route.

So I’m going to look into buying a very cheap universal remote, or factory remote replacement (appears to be about 8 bucks on amazon). And just wire the button relay into the play/pause button on the remote controls circuit board, and then drill a hole in the side for the infrared light to stick out of.