Today's my B-Day But, Instead of a Ring. I got this SmartThing? (Bulb and switch selection?)

(Aaron S.) #1

Hello To Every One! Names Daniel. Wax On- Wax Off. And I am a Newb.
It’s my B-Day today I am wanting to hook up my New Smart Thing System . I bought the 142$ special. What I’m looking to do at first is Lighting.

I currently have an Old ceiling Fan/Light Based wireless remote control switch. But instead of it working a fan and a light. I have it working two sets of lights. This one dual switch controls-

  1. A set of sconces 2x75 watt max = 150 watt total. I would like the color changing LED lights here.
  2. I have a 2 piece set of track lighting, each with 3x 50 watt g-10 halogens. 2x150 watts= 300 watts total both tracks. Here i would just light on/Off and dimming control.

So my question is.
I’m having a hard time finding a compatible dual light control in one switch. Or should I get a single control for the Track Lighting and just get some type of smart color bulb for the sconces.
Or if I get a dual switch? Do I want a smart bulb and a smart switch?Are there “Non-Smart” color changing bulbs I could get.
Any Help and Feed back would be appreciated.
"Always Look Eye"

(Keith Croshaw) #2

What do you mean by dual? The way that wall switches work is each switch fits into it’s own “gang box.” That’s because each switch is a separate components and manufacturers don’t have to make double switches. If you have two switches there is a double gang box in your wall, this is the only part of the equation that is multiplied by the number of switches / outlets you see on your wall.

That all being said if you need two switches you buy two separate switches.

If you do smart bulbs like the Hue’s the switches on the wall stay in the on position and there is little to do other than pair and configure. The only problem is spouse / guest confusion when they flip the switch 10 times thinking your lights are broken.

(Aaron S.) #3

Thanks for your feedback. [quote=“keithcroshaw, post:2, topic:18800”]
What do you mean by dual?
[/quote] Its a remote control fan and light switch, with a single blue plastic box behind it… It has buttons that are supposed to work a fan and a light I just hooked it up to two lights. It also has a remote control that uses dip switches like a garage door opener…here is a link to the pic of it.
So I do see that Lutron makes a fan/Light switch. But no one makes a “Dual dimmer switch” for 2 lights? I would need two boxes and two switches? Or try the Light /Fan switch thing again with the Lutron?

Thanks again for your help

(Keith Croshaw) #4

I feel like I saw that exact module discussed here. Why don’t you do some digging regarding ceiling fan control. I’m almost in the same boat. I have a proprietary remote controlled module for my ceiling fan with no good way to integrate in sight.

I really wish someone would make a z-wave module like this: