Tips on debugging zigbee devices (innr) that randomly fall offline?

Looking for some ‘teach me to fish’ ideas on debugging why my innr outlets randomly fall offline every few weeks (and not all at the same time). My samsung outlets seem to stay connected rock solid to my v3 hub (running 0.34.11 f/w but problem has occurred over many firmware versions). reviews seem to show innr outlets being robust (and amazon sells a 2-pack of innr outlets for the cost of a single samsung outlet). looking in groovy, it appears these are connecting directly to the hub. also i performed a heal (turn off hub for an hour) to allow a rebuild hoping this would resolve the issue but then it started happening again. i’m sure this is an age-old problem with multiple causes of potential failure. Just looking for a place to start to triage why this is happening.

Update: sounds like common problem. added offlinebug tag ref’d by JDRoberts

Short answer: smartthings does that. :rage: it’s really annoying, but it’s also really common. Since yours are mains power devices, it’s not a repeater issue and it’s probably not a mesh issue. It’s just SmartThings. This has been happening ever since they introduced the “device health“ feature, and seems to have to do with cloud latency causing check-in‘s to occasionally be missed by the cloud. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of suggestions about different things to try, but it’s a recurring problem.

Tagging @johnconstantelo in case he has any ideas


They are indeed. I have 4 of the SP224’s, including one outside in a weather proof enclosure, and it’s 2 hops from the hub.

I’ve definitely not had any problems with these, but I also have a large and strong zigbee mesh. What you’re describing sounds like a range or interference issue, including an example of an external USB3 drive being plugged in too close to the hub with a cheap and poorly shielded cable.

Are your devices using the stock DTH called “Zigbee Swtch”?

What happens if you keep one of those plugs really close to the hub for a while? Will it still drop?

What WiFi channel is your hub using? What about your router’s WiFi channel? If they are too close to each other, and or overlapping, you might want some broader separation.


It would likely be a Range issue if it was always the same device dropping off line.

If it’s randomly different devices, it’s more likely to be a latency issue.

You make a good point that it could be local interference, as that could also be applied randomly depending on the specific devices involved.


I am using the stock Zigbee Switch as the DTH type. i do have one of these outlets in the same bedroom as the hub and it fell off about a month ago but has not yet fallen off since i did a rebuild of the mesh (hub turned off for an hour). I have ST outlets (DTH type SmartPower Outlet) further away than any of my innr outlets and to my recollection they’ve never fallen offline. ST hub’s Zigbee channel is 19. ST hub is cat5 connected to a switch which is cat5 connected to the router. The switch is also a wifi access point and is only about 18 inches from the ST hub - so could the wifi AP (supporting both 2.4 on ch5 and 5GHz on ch157) located so close be potential/intermittent interference to the ST hub’s zigbee radio?

The 2.4 yes, the 5 GHz, probably not, although if they’re really close together, it’s like a microwave, any strong signal can sometimes be a problem.

What zigbee channel is your smartthings hub using?

FAQ: What WiFi Channel is least likely to interfere with SmartThings?

zigbee channel 19. i’ll check the FAQ you’ve sent and also see if I can move the ST hub and wifi AP further apart.

Nice FAQ article on the zigbee radio/ wifi overlap. I’ll do a kwik-fix to just turn off the 2.4 on this wifi AP and see if the problem ‘goes away’. I’ll report back if the problem doesn’t occur for a month. :slight_smile:


One other seemingly silly thing to try, put an item listed as offline into a lighting group with another, any other, working device. Try to turn on and off that lighting group a few times. Does it work? If so, it’s SmartThings being flakey. I have this with 2 light bulbs and 1 is 3 feet from the hub.


That’s an intriguing idea. Assuming this is not an interference issue as previously discussed, I’ll try this next time i have an offline device. Thx.

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