Tips for alarming that Fridge door is open

I been trying to alarm my wife who leaves the fridge open frequently. Currently i have it fire my kitchen island lights (lifx) to a red color. Problems

  1. no delay. happens even if open
  2. no state saving of hte bulbs. She might have been using the lights in white mode…just to have them turned off when she closes the fridge door.

So i bought a siren thinking i could beep it

  1. I cant seem to get it to do a soft or really short notification w/o blasting 98db for to long.
  2. most smartapps dont seeem to let me control the strobe seperatly from the audible sound.

Any recomendations? I prefer to use the lifx bulbs and return to previous state.

I even looked for a plug in AC device that makes noise anytime powered. figure I could put it in a smart outlet and trigger that. I have not found anything yet.

This should help:

That was a great link. thank you!!!

“Saving a lightbulb state (lifx) doing something else, then returning it to its original state”

Anyone know if this is possible. I would also like to still use this concept for other things.

Where something triggers my lights to go on and turn red, then return to whatever its previous state was. IS that a thing already developed? I searched with limited results.

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I am using CoRE smartapp for this. My kids are notorious for leaving my fridge Doors open. Using CoRE to flash my kitchen cabinet light a couple of times and send notification to my phone if door left open for more than 5 Mins if home and just notification when away. CoRE could also monitor the state of your light.

I use Notify me when app, set with a 5 minute delay, so it does not go off for normal opening and closing of the door. It send sms & push notications " check freezer door" and flashes the kitchen and livingroom lights on yellow.
I tried the siren route, but it did not have a delay and scared the ___ out of the husky every time somebody went into the freezer.

For the color part, I guess you need to reset the color at the door close event

Thanks for the replies. Im going to look at what you both did tonight… see if i can get it to work for me. Never heard of CoRE. is that a smartapp?

Ok CoRE is amazing. I have no idea how i searched so much and never came across it. I seen rule machine, but never got to experience it since im new to this.

I have it installed. I am trying to figure out how to store the state.

Say the light is on and white.

if lights are on, save variables for color/dimming %/ and state
Turn lights red 30%, wait for close
close trigger return light to original settings.

else if light was not originally on, turn lights on red 30%
close trigger, turn off

If i can wrap my head around how core works, it is so powerful! any tips appreicated

Here are the two CoRE masters @ady624 and @bamarayne. I don’t have much experience with color bulbs.

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This is his I do almost the exact same thing, but I’m using Phillips hue color bulbs, so you’re attributes may need to be different.

If you don’t know which ones I can show you how to find them.

I can not figure out for the life of me how get a screenshot that looks like that. The app does not show nested commands that look like that… with the settings/version at the top.

is that an old version? I made some progress, but when i put a action to save to global settings, nothing seems to happen after that.

I can say on condition “save to global variables” then turn bulb on. and it never seems to get that far.

This product sure could use some YouTube tutorials :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask in the following thread and people can explain. It may have to do with the fact that core has several different kinds of if’s and the one you pick to begin with will control some of the options you’ll see next. But again, the peer advice thread is a good place for any core questions. :sunglasses: