Tiny list view icons on iOS

Is it me or are the device icons in the list views on iOS really really tiny ? :confused: Yeah, I know it’s picky compared to multi-user support, but they seem very small and not vertically centered on the text. I think something got lost in translation from the mockups on the web site currently :smile:

And here we are complaining that they are huge and waste of real estate. :wink: And those big/fat routine icons! ST went directly from Taylor S. to Kim K.

I am iOS user as well.

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Funny… I wasn’t around for the first version. Huge though? I can see that on the routines screen. Would be nice if that was a 12 panel grid. But on the device lists they seem very small with lots of whitespace. (noticeably smaller than that ad above) Like they are now, they are hardly useful/identifiable I think. Maybe bigger on the device lists but optional. :slight_smile: But really, I’ll live with any of this if I could just add my wife to the account properly. :cry:

Curious, account sharing is live, what are you experiencing?

Woah! When did that go live?! :slight_smile: I was following some threads and one mentioned an app update being required. I know what I’ll be doing during the game… Thanks!

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Yeah, I hate this new layout.
Much harder to click on, and I have to move the phone around to read the temperatures from the thermostats.

What is infuriating is the home page has a locks and doors button that leads to a page with the old layout, but there’s no way to add anything to it.