Timer App that Displays on Tablet?

I’m looking for a way to have a tablet mounted on a wall and displays a count down or count up timer. Could also be used as a clock.

Scenario 1:
I have a CoRE Piston that counts how long it has been since the back door has been opened. After 5 hours, the house goes crazy because it’s past time to let the dogs out to go potty. I want to mount a tablet at the back door to work in conjunction with either a CoRE Piston or App to display the timer and/or basic information.

Scenario 2:
I have a Piston that tells me how many loads have been washed for the Day and Week. It also lets me know how long the Dryer or Washer has been running. If the Clothes stop in the washer and if the Dryer is not going and the Dryer Door has not opened in the last 2 Hours, the house goes crazy. I want to again, mount a tablet to display this information.

Anything out there like this?

I don’t know of anything OOB, but you could probably do something like this with a MQTT bridge and a simple node.js script/server?

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I take it that’s a no? LMAO

I suggest that because I’m working on something similar with a couple of Windows tablets that I have (along with the Stringify dashboard).

Not at all but I wouldn’t have the slightest clue on how to make it work. I wonder if ActionTiles @625alex offer anything like this?

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This is for Mosquito, but you can just search MQTT broker on Google. Once you have the MQTT broker setup, you can do all sorts of stuff to and from ST. I played with Home Assistant and ST and the MQTT broker is the way to go. It can be a little slow at times, but you can do some really cool stuff with it.

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It’s a reasonable Feature Request; though the implementation would take some thought and discussion.

Please feel welcome to post this on our Feedback Forum: https://ActionTiles.com/feedback

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Thanks. Will look at it.

I was thinking of something similar before but I wanted to feed the script/program/app the text I wanted to display dynamically (from webCoRE preferrably) and it will get pushed or reloaded by the webpage on a tablet using a reload timer of sorts. I was thinking running it on a pi or something, I’m not skilled enough to throw something together quick but the idea looks great in my head :smiley: lol.

Something similar to this… but the text is supplied on demand

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Checkout this official SmartThings Capability



That’s totally doable (I say this as a PHP developer). It’s along the same lines as I was suggesting to @rontalley. If you have something that you can use as a web server (and the ability to open a port on your firewall/router), then you can do something like this easily. Especially since webCoRE supports pushing to an external URL. :slight_smile:

The only problem I see is traffic with a timer. Pushing from webCoRE to a URL every second or whatever would suck. But I would setup a startTimer() method on the webserver (or using MQTT) and then have it notify webCoRE when it completed.

@tgauchat, so basically, all someone would need to do is build a smartapp that would trigger an action on a timer? Hmmmm, I’m getting ideas.

I have a Pi that runs 3 other ST services. I also have a 1 gig fiber ISP.

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This is so what I am talking about! I can follow instructions very well but I do not have the know how to put this together.

Who (@Jim) knows what many of the documented Capabilities are meant for. We can only guess and just use the Spec to the level of detail provided.

A Capability isn’t useful on its own; DTHs need to be written to implement the Capability (for physical and/or virtual Devices) and instantiate Things.

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Has anyone had any success with this? I really just want a timer displayed on a tablet that lets me know how long it’s been since the door was opened…