Timed event app needed

I need to open and then close a relay (mimolite) every 28 days. Is there an app that can be used to achieve this?

You will need a small and simple SmartApp to do that; it is doable with one possible gotcha. This app would do something every 28 days, namely open the relay, and then close it again. There are other ways to express the interval as well, e.g., 40320 minutes or 672 hours. The possible gotcha is that ST has a known issue where some scheduled events don’t happen. Were that to bite you, it wouldn’t run the next time, and you wouldn’t know that unless you were actively monitoring it. It’s almost better to use a reminder outside of ST.

The app is simple, so let us know if you want someone to write it for you.

Thanks. I’ll take your advice and manually actuate the relay based on my cellphone calendar notification. But, I’m new to the ST v2 and interested in learning about programing it. I would love to see a simple code examples.