Time Warner IntelligentHome

Does anyone know if I can integrate the Time Warner IntelligentHome system with a Smart Things system?

It looks like they can do a lot of stuff, and I’d love to have them come out and install and wire all the cameras and what not.

IntelligentHome supposedly uses ZigBee.

Any ideas?

I can’t seem to find any info on what the devices actually are. Any idea what their device list looks like?


It seems that they resell an iControl system, and the use zigbee as their protocol

I’m wondering the same. I have the system setup at the house now but want to move away from it. The contact sensors they use are from Visonic (model MCT-320 SMA).

correct - this is the same as the system that xfinity home uses.
All their equipment is based on the zigbee protocol and uses the icontrol hub as the central control unit.

Update: I was not able to get any of my TWC stuff to work after I disconnected their system. The MCT-320 does not appear to be compatible with SmartThings.