Things that are unvailable

I’d start with a couple things:

  1. move your SmartTHings hub at least 10 feet from a wifi access point
  2. Grab a couple Lowe’s Iris outlets.

As with “whoismoses”, my zigbee devices, (Iris Door/Window Sensors) were randomly becoming Unavailable a while back. I turned off “Device Health” and they have been fine ever since.

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Device health doesn’t cause things to become Unavailable. It compares a devices activity to a time interval in the device handler, and if there hasn’t been any activity within that time, it flags it as inactive. If the device wakes up or reports activity, the flag is cleared. I actually added the capability to @whoismoses Leaksmart sensor so I could ensure it was online.

Sorry if this is a really dumb question but is device health the same as status? in other words, if I turn off Device Health, will I still be able to see if something is open/closed and temperature etc?

what i don’t understand is nothing has changed for me, and now i’m having the iris open/close sensors, smarthing multi sensors, and ge link bulbs all falling off every few days. no z-wave issues, just zigbee

100% same issue. They seem to drop out of the clear blue for some unknown reason. I am wondering if its an “IRIS thing” and there are more robust products on the market. I don’t have a clear answer on this yet.

I did the pull the plug on the hub thing for the first time for about 30 mins which is supposed to cause all the zigbee stuff to ‘panic’ and rebuild the zigbee mesh network. So far so good. We’ll see if that fixes it. That being said I doubt I’ll buy anymore zigbee stuff. Anytime I have issues it’s always zigbee. Z-wave is Rock solid. Expect for hue bulbs, but then again those are paired with the hue hub then smart things.

Hue uses Zigbee, not Z-Wave.

FYI: It’s Hue Bridge, not Hub. :slightly_smiling_face:

right, that’s what i meant, that the hue bulbs are the one zigbee thing i don’t have issues with. sorry - poorly worded

No worries. You could edit the post and say this instead:

I seem to only have issues with Zigbee connected devices, with one exception, the Hue Bridge / Bulbs have no issues at all. As for Z-Wave, all devices are rock solid.


back to the topic at hand, did something change with the way zigbee is handled with the last hub update? i could be dreaming it but it seems like that is when it all started…

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Nothing that has affected my environment. Zigbee and Z-Wave devices have never been an issue for me.

Something that you may want to look into is what channel Zigbee is running on, on your hub and what channel your WiFi 2.4ghz channel is on. If they are sitting on top of each other, that could be a potential cause of issues for you. Not every problem is the same out here. Could be interference, not a strong enough mesh built in your environment, low battery causing disruption, faulty device, etc…

In addition, the whole Device Health being turned on can cause some screwy results as well so you may want to turn that off and reboot your hub.

Back to potential interference:

I just want to report back: after doing the power down the hub for 30 minutes thing, zigbee has been solid. It’s night and day compared to before. Must have needed the mesh rebuild.

How long has it been without issues? I would be interested in a report in about a week from now. But I’ll try anything at this point.

tomorrow will make 1 week with no drops, previously it was multiple devices daily

OK, I think I’ll unplug mine while I’m at church this AM and then turn it back on when I return. Thanks for the tip, I hope this works.

one thing I did, not sure if this made a difference - but I made sure all my devices were back online before I unplugged the hub. Good luck!

UPDATE: My ZigBee mesh slowly started deteriorating again, and devices started falling off more and more often. Did some more troubleshooting, and I finally figured it out; Darn GE Link bulbs! I know they are not ‘officially supported’ but SOMETHING must have changed in the past 6 months or so because prior to that I had little issue with them. Anyway, had three GE Link bulbs, and I finally figured out that if I reset all three bulbs by turning them off, then back on again, all my other zigbee devices would magically come back online within a few minutes without even touching them! Was able to duplicate this process many times over the past couple weeks. I just replaced them with Cree bulbs and everything has been perfect ever since. I didn’t even have to restart the hub or rebuild the mesh. It ‘just works’. I have had one Cree bulb at the other end of the house for a couple years and NEVER had it go offline even once, so I figured these would be good bulbs to replace the GE Links. Never again.

Thanks for the update David. This entire thing reminds me of the early PC days. Most people have never heard the term “IBM Compatible”. IBM used to make a PC product and then others started making less expensive “Clones”. Then an entire cottage industry sprung up making “IBM Compatible” peripherals/boards/devices, etc. Back then, there were so many problems getting everything to work because though peripheral A worked, and peripheral B worked, nothing worked when those particular devices were used at the same time. Thank the Good Lord Almighty that for the most part, things work pretty well these days and just about anyone can go to Frys or Best Buy and assemble a PC from scratch with parts just like Legos. I hope we get there with Smart Homes - I think we will.

It does beg the question: Who will be the Smart Hub of choice? Like many things in Technology, it will likely consolidate to a small number of major players with several underlying technology standards that are supported. Should be interesting.

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Well, in SmartThings’ defense, they have always stated no official support on these bulbs. So that was on me. :smiley:

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