Thermostat with Emergency Heat

I have looked through the manual of several thermostats, so far none of them can make use of emergency heat. From what I have read, if it gets too cold or the heat pump fails, emergency heat is used independently of the heat pump. Allowing your house to stay warm. I don’t want to loose this feature. Anyone know of a thermostat that has an E wire?

Nest may work Test nest compatibility

I’m using the Ecobee Smart Si to control my home which has heat pump with backup propane gas furnace and it worked great all winter. Actually saved me a TON of money because apparently my old one was running the heat pump way too much, with very low efficiency.

Yikes, $180 might be a little more than I wanted to spend. I think this one will work.

I see Emergency Heat in the event logs for my generic zwave CT100 thermostat, so it looks like it would support it.

The setup doc for the CT100 says

If you have a HEAT PUMP HVAC system…
HEAT PUMP with no AUX heat select A
2 stage HEAT PUMP with no AUX select b
HEAT PUMP with AUX heat select C
HEAT PUMP with 2 stage AUX heat select d
2 stage HEAT PUMP with AUX heat select E
2 stage HEAT PUMP with 2 stage AUX heat select F

So yep, supports aux/emergency heat (and apparently mine is set wrong - I have Gas heat lol)

@wkm001 My Evolve T100r’s support emergency/auxiliary heat. I have one controlling my upstairs heat pump.

BTW, I had those Honeywell thermo’s and had a lot of problems. I got rid of them for the Evolve thermos and have been a happy camper ever since.

What about this in the CT100 manual?

I think you want the 2 stage heating wiring (W2) which is what is kicked on for emergency heat?