CT100 - Thermostat Configuration - Wiring/Setup Help

So I got a CT100 and having a heck of a time trying to figure out what my AC is :stuck_out_tongue: and what I need to set this thermostat to.

Wondering if anybody else ran into these and might be able to help answer what to select.

First my research of my 2 units are as follows.

Carrier 38BYC036350
38BYC - 12 Seer Electric Heat Pump
036 - 36,000 Btuh
3 - Electrical - 208-230-1
5 - Series
0 - Packaging

Carrier 38BYC024360
38BYC - 12 Seer Electric Heat Pump
024 - 24,000 Btuh
3 - Electrical - 208-230-1
6 - Series
0 - Packaging

G (Blower Relay)
C - Common Terminal Low Voltage
R - Power
Y - (Compressor Relay)

W2 - (I’m guessing 2nd Stage Heat Pump?)
E - (Heat Pumps Emergency Heating)
O - (Heat Pump Reversing Value)

Those are the wires I have in the old thermostat, what each mean is just what I’ve researched.

Now to configure the CT100, it wants to know what kind of setup you have, First you have to figure out if it is a “Normal HVAC” or a “Heat Pump HVAC” …

I’m going to assume this is a Heat Pump HVAC since the number of times I’ve seen that word :stuck_out_tongue:

Next and this is where i’m confused. What the heck do I have, lol, is it a 1 stage, is it a 2 stage, what is aux heat or not aux heat. Is the Aux 1 or 2 stages. I believe I also read that E (emergency heat) is not used and to just tape it off, does this mean I would no longer have emergency heat with this thermostat… whatever that is, just moved into this home not long ago and haven’t even used the Heater yet. I have no clue on A/C’s and the above is just what I’ve been able to research so far. There is no W wire, just the W2…

If you have a HEAT PUMP HVAC system…
HEAT PUMP with no AUX heat … select A
2 stage HEAT PUMP with no AUX … select B
HEAT PUMP with AUX heat … . select C
HEAT PUMP with 2 stage AUX heat … select D
2 stage HEAT PUMP with AUX heat … select E
2 stage HEAT PUMP with 2 stage AUX heat … select F

To bad it couldn’t just see what wires are connected and figure it out itself :wink: Any advise would be appreciated.