Thermostat smartapp

Is there any smartapps for making my thermostat (sensibo) smarter?
Like a Nest thermostat, it either learns by my changes and / or it will do calculations based on outside weather (either by netatmo) or weather prognoses? For both saving money and make changes accordingly to get best comfort. Example I want to have less temperature at night, but it depends if im home or away. If im home it will do its best to have the temperature I use for day mode close to perfect when I normally wake up, or if im away it will start warming up when I pass a geofence I setup? Is this even possible? Or is my best bet to mess around with CoRE?

Those are great questions. I wish I had an answer for you.

I’m not familiar with the sensibo thermostats. I personally use two Honeywell zwave thermostats. I use CoRE to control the programming.

I believe if you jump into website you find the power and flexibility to do exactly what you are wanting.

As for the geo location, that’s a fairly simple solution. I use life360, and with it, IFTTT, and ST, I have many automatons based on not only arrival at home, but arrivals and departures from other locations.

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Thank you for your reply.
Any chance you can give me a glimpse of the programing of your thermostat in CoRE? I would appreciate it.
As for life and smartthings integration, is it done on smartthings side or life side? Could I setup a virtual switch for each location in life app?

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my piston for my thermostats isn’t anything fancy, but I’ll gladly post it for you to help out.

In Life360 I can set up locations and Life360 will alert when family members arrive there and leave there. Using the smartthings and Life360 IFTTT channels, when those Life360 alerts occur, you can turn ST switches on and off. Using CoRe I set up pistons to do different things.

I would really like to see your pistons / ifttt recipes for your thermostats, thanks…: :grinning:

Sorry, here’s the piston for the thermostats. Just basic really, triggers off of mode changes.