Thermostat management (5-2 schedule AND outside temps)?

I just moved into a new house with my smartthings hub. There are three GoControl z-wave thermostats that I’ve added to ST. I want to setup a 5-2 schedule like a typical programmable thermostat AND I want the outside weather for my location to influence which program (or set point) to use.

For example, let’s say my 5-2 is set to be 65 degrees during the day. This is great when it’s cold, but it’s not contextual to the “feel”. So, I’d like to say “if the weather outside is over 60 degrees, then the set temp is XX (like 60 degrees or something)”. This way, the thermostat wouldn’t call for heat during times it may be warmer. Fall is tough, because at night it may be 40 degrees and during the day it may be 63, but the next day is in the 50s all day.

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Have you seen this app, it has an option to control the thermostat mode based on an outside temp sensor.

Have you considered adding in external temp from an API source (

As per the ST architecture that would be in a device (using a custom device handler) and that device would be used by a SmartApp like the one above.

Have you seen the Smart Weather station tile in SmartThings? It uses a public weather service to report the temperature to SmartThings and many folks use the Smart Weather device in the app to control the switch over when the external temperature rises/falls above a certain threshold.

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@RBoy - I seem to be missing how to utilize the remote sensor to control the set temp. I’ve set the remote sensor to the Accuweather virtual remote sensor in the 5-2 smart app, but I don’t see where to have any set temp dependent on the remote sensor in the further screens.

@RBoy I seen to have a new issue. I updated to 3.11 and used the settings attached, and the thermostats kept setting to 84 degrees. I’d set them down manually, and a few minutes later the temp would reset to 84 again.

It’s working as expected, see the first post for details on how the app works when using remote temperature sensor

Using Remote Temperature Sensors

Please note that if you’re using external temperature sensor(s) in the SmartApp, it will set the thermostat setpoints to around 85F for heating and around 60F for cooling until the external sensor temperature(s) indicates that the desired temperature has been achieved after which the setpoints will be reversed to turn the thermostat off. This is normal behavior, please ensure that your thermostat is using factory settings and the setpoints range are not limited.