Thermostat management (5-2 schedule AND outside temps)?

I just moved into a new house with my smartthings hub. There are three GoControl z-wave thermostats that I’ve added to ST. I want to setup a 5-2 schedule like a typical programmable thermostat AND I want the outside weather for my location to influence which program (or set point) to use.

For example, let’s say my 5-2 is set to be 65 degrees during the day. This is great when it’s cold, but it’s not contextual to the “feel”. So, I’d like to say “if the weather outside is over 60 degrees, then the set temp is XX (like 60 degrees or something)”. This way, the thermostat wouldn’t call for heat during times it may be warmer. Fall is tough, because at night it may be 40 degrees and during the day it may be 63, but the next day is in the 50s all day.

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Have you seen this app, it has an option to control the thermostat mode based on an outside temp sensor.

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