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Hi guys,

Has anyone got a thermostat working with ST yet (in the UK)? I’ve had a good look around this forum and it looks like with a bit of work some of the Nest features will work but it’s not officially supported and the Honeywell one has been “coming soon” for a long time now, so I’m guessing there are issues on the development side with this.

I have alarms, lights, sirens, cameras and locks all working with ST so the next logical thing is the heating :slight_smile:


I have a Tado Thermostat that’s integrated into ST using a custom DTH.
TBH though I find the Tado app very good.
I can also turn up and down using Google Home.
EDIT: Not sure if this helps or not but the Tado ‘base’ unit was a direct replacement for my existing control box.
i.e. i just unplugged my existing control box and the Tado one replaced it. No new wiring or wiring changes required. They also have a video telling you how to do it depending on your setup.
Then I shorted out my original thermostat and put the Tado Thermostat where I eanted it.
Look at the Tado website.


I had HIVE installed yesterday, follow the guide here [RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive) to link it to SmartThinsg

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i really would recommend my Tado (Connect) SmartApp, Tado is IMHO one of the best and most complete solutions for Multi-Zone Management, on par with Honeywell but at a fraction of the cost.

As @Bobbles has stated i use the Tado app for scheduling and use the ST integration purely for overriding the schedule when needed using the Ask Alexa smartapp. i used to use ST for scheduling but quickly learnt that ST was just far too unreliable to do the scheduling with. however if you do want to proceed down that route, my app will also cater for that.

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I currently have Nest, but I will shift to Tado when I move. Their TRV + Central thermosat solution looks really good.

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Had Tado for two years now and would highly recommend it. Also with the recent Echo integration its even more accessible.

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I have had Tado running for over a year and its been fantastic, now really integrated it with Smartthings yet as I’ve only just got into Smartthings and haven’t found a need for it as the standard tado app works pretty much perfectly out of the box.

Only issue I am having is for some reason on my wifes Galaxy A3 the presence detection stops working every 72 hours. I have turned everything on that needs to be and turned off battery saving but it still keeps thinking she is home when she isn’t, opening the app then force closing it keeps it running for another 3 days but then I have the same issue. Tado support just say I should keep the app running in the background but she just hits close app apps too often for that to work.

I know it is possible to work without having it running in the background as my Galaxy S6 work perfectly without keeping Tado running in the background, but the same settings don’t seem to keep it working on the A3, If I can find a fix for this I would say that Tado is back to being a perfect setup, worked perfectly last winter with her told Galaxy S3 mini

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Hi guys,

Really appreciate the responses and it seems pretty unanimous that Tado is the way to go, so I will check that out.

Thanks everyone.:+1:

Just want to add that Tado, just like Hive and Nest are custom integrations. Honeywell will be official soon and the custom also already exists, so I would not discount this system just because the official integration isn’t launched yet as the others aren’t also.

Hi Wayne,

Do you know how soon, soon is? It’s said coming soon for quite a long time now but there’s not been much by way of an update for it I don’t think?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


okay okay :sweat_smile:… I don’t know how soon, soon is. But as least there is a “soon” for this thermostat!

@a4refillpad @harry17 i do like the honeywell but it extremely expensive for multizone, Tado is nearly half the cost for the same functionality thats why i cant in good conscience recommend the Honeywell unless money is no object.

but as for sticking with it because it may be an official integration soon…what toff,IMHO the guys like me who have authored device handlers here do a far superior job integrating these products with ST because they care about it themselves for personal use. and are usually far more responsive when adding features requested etc…

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I don’t disagree. I was just pointing out the Honeywell was discounted from the running because it didn’t have official integration yet. Community integrations are great.

Yet the promotional material clearly states “works with SmartThings - Honeywell”

I suppose you could say that about any product just the words official/support are missing.

Word of caution. Tado support seems to be struggling as is their order fulfilment. They recently launched a new hub and TRVs and I think they’ve been overwhelmed with demand and /or issues.

Two recent support tickets to them have taken about a week (with an automated sorry message in between) to receive a response and my TRV order was lost in the system while I’ve been told the new hub will ship when it ships but no ETA and do not discuss with support (quite a hostile generic email they sent to preorder customers). This is in stark contrast to the excellent support I received when I first installed their multi-zone setup a year ago.

I rent the hardware and right now I’m not entirely sure I’ll renew.

I use the Nest. Works well for me.

I am aware that they are having some issues with the supply chain at the moment. However I have not had issues with support as of yet. I was just in touch with them yesterday regarding the setup of a second heating thermostat and was sorted within 1 hour of logging the ticket.

I have also recently had a failure of my heating thermostat after 2 years and it was outside of the warranty period and they replaced no questions asked which I though was spot on and they worked with me on a Sunday to set it up as I was working away that week. I would definately say your bad experience with support is not the usual. I personally have had nothing but stellar service

Thanks. That’s actually quite reassuring to hear. I do think it’s great product so perhaps a little patience (as a ST user you have to go good at that - sorry couldn’t resist). Hopefully my experience will improve again over time. As I said recent issues have not been indicative of past performance, so fingers crossed.

Related to stats… please help push Heatmiser Neo stats integration with SmartThings by voting here:

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