Thermostat for Smarttings

(Paul Patin) #1

What is the best thermostat for ST integration? I’m working with an Ecobee3 and I can’t get Routines to work. I’m just looking for something that I can geofence with my and my wife’s iPhone to “Resume Schedule”.



(Matt Perva) #2

I use the Zen thermostat and have no issues with routines or using the geofence with my wife and I’s iPhones.

(Matt) #3

the best IMHO are the Honeywell Z wave or the CT100/CT101Iris they both intigrate with native drivers so they function the best

(Craig) #4

The honeywell I owned went bad after a year (and it’s really common read the reviews). I got two zens about a month ago and I love them.

(Paul Patin) #5

I opted for the ZEN and have already installed it. As far as I can tell, it’s working as expected and I’m happy. I could not get the Ecobee3 to work correctly.