The old "You don't have any hubs yet"

After spending some time trying most of the solutions found online for “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.” and having none of them work. Was wondering if there is any other ideas as to why my hub wont show. Tried various shard addresses, re logging locations etc. to no avail. Was trying to get some some old TP-link bulbs working.
Seems as if most of the solutions were dated, so I have no idea if this is still an issue or just mine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Yes unfortunately I’ve literally logged into every shard and even used the new web address to login as of July no matter what my Hub never shows up

Probably best to contact ST support and let them assist :slight_smile:

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I get it too

See it this helps

Click on… My Locations

Then click on… Home

If the Home screen comes up…
Click on… My Hubs


Spot on.
You might want to note the url as well and bookmark it.
In the past people have gone straight to define DH and wonder why they can’t see them.

Appreciate all the responses. Fortunately i have only owned it for a few days and did not go to far with devices and routines. So I went ahead and factory reset it this morning. While a little frustrating to run around the house and pair everything again, the hub now shows up.
Thanks again

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Here is what I did to “fix” it. Pure luck.

I log in and get the “you don’t have any hubs yet” or something like that. If I click on My Locations and then the Location (Home in my case), and then Edit, change the Default Location to True.

Now click on My Hubs and you will see it. Caveat: you have to do this each time you log in but it beats resetting the hub and adding everything back in. I did this once before to resolve the problem and it obviously came back.


My Default Location was already set to true.
I deleted the word true, then retyped it and hit the SAVE button.
Now I am a happy camper.

I can’t remove the true. So I am stuck with having a location but it says I don’t in both the website and the app.

I’ve logged in and out of the IDE multiple times. Keep trying to edit things, do anything really. Nothing works. Looks like this has been an issue for five years now?

Not really sure how to proceed. It says I don’t have a hub while using the hub I have.

have you opened a ticket with ST support?

tagging @Brad_ST

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I asked that a week or so ago - Smartthings mobile app on Android not working? (21 April 2021) - #9 by Brad_ST

More info is needed to help as there isn’t a hub on that account at the moment.


Thank you. Using the URL took me to the IDE that shows my hub and devices. Using any other address does not. Hard to believe.

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