The next-gen Google Home will do something Amazon’s Echo can’t

Kind of a misleading title. who’s to say the next gen echo won’t have a wifi router built into it?

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Google in the middle? No thank you. Besides, I already own 3 wifi routers. One more is probably not needed for the vast majority of people looking to buy one.


I’m sure both Google and Samsung would be thrilled to own my router, but good luck with that. I’ll pass. :grinning:

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Why would I need a home assistant in a wiring closet? No thanks!!!


Unless they ditch “Ok Google”, I still won’t care.

Google WiFi is incredible and one of my best purchases. I get a solid 200Mbps everywhere in my house now it is the best router I have ever purchased and recommend it to all my friends. Just sucks that it’s not available in Canada so I have to cross the border to buy it but it is worth the trip and the exchange rate. I have wasted over $1,000 on expensive routers that just stopped working.

It’s built into Google Home. Why would you have Google Home in a wiring closet that makes zero sense. You wouldn’t put Alexa in there so it’s no different.

This is the first time I have ever seen anybody say this.

Did you miss the part where they said they are adding a router to their version 2 of the Google Home? You want the router as the first device on your network. Since my internet connection comes to the wiring closet…again, makes no sense and no thanks!!!