The new ecobee smart light switch with built-in Alexa voice control

Same here. I am guessing my preference for iPhone and technical aptitude were shared by many/most of the submissions. I am going to guess they needed more average/below average technical folk and a broad spectrum of android devices to really round out their beta.

I have 2 concerns with this…
Light switches in bedrooms are by the door. Most people with a echo device have it on their nightstand.
Echo devices have very good far field microphones. Will this device have the same kind of tech in it to be able to hear you clearly when you’re on the other side of the room without yelling?
Also, it can’t POSSIBLY have a very good speaker in it, if one at all, so what if you want to listen to music in said room or hear the weather or what not? Will it be able to connect to Bluetooth speakers?
I honestly don’t see this device replacing an echo device in any room other than maybe a bathroom. And even then, I think the majority of people would prefer the speakers of an echo device in there than this.

EDIT: So after writing this, I actually read about it. lol
Good mics, but the speaker is still in question for me.

I am guessing it was entirely a marketing ploy, so all of us would post on various forums about the email we got a while back. I have not seen a single person suggesting they were selected.

You’re probably right. I bet they found some fatal flaws and couldn’t get them ironed out quick enough to launch the first planned beta. They were almost 2 weeks behind on their promised delivery date of the 8th (week of).

The wording of the original email was quite a tease wasn’t it? It made it sound like we’d already been offered the opportunity to be in the beta and completing the survey form was the only obstacle between us and our new fancy switch+.

Yeah. Rejected as well. Curious if anyone on this thread was “chosen”.

If @yvesracine got rejected then we can assume it’s a marketing ploy.

I haven’t received any email yet… It could be a good sign (or not)…

I’m just ticked I took the time to open a switch plate and take a picture to appease their requirement. :wink:

Can I assume no one from this thread actually received an ecobee Switch+ beta invite?

Sounds to me like it was a data mining episode

I wonder if the occupancy sensor is seen by ST and if it has a fast active/inactive trigger time.

This is a very interesting product.

Also wonder if the switch can connect to a wifi speaker?..

Also wonder if it will have the drop in and multi audio feature?..

Not a Dimming switch, On / Off only. Major PASS. Sorry Ecobee, nice try.

It doesn’t even work as a temperature sensor for Ecobee until later down the road? Not for $100… No thanks

Some reviews of the ecobee switch+:

No dimming is definitely a deal breaker for many…Although I do have regular Non-Dimmable GE Smart Swtiches installed in many locations in my home.

Ecobee Remote Sensor 2-Pack were $60 when I was buying them so that’s a $30 value…

Echo Dot is $40…

Motion Sensor is $30…

Smart Switch is $30…

I’m counting $130 worth of devices in this one switch. Plus the cool Night Light.

If it can do wifi connection to an external speaker, drop in and serve a motion/temp device in SmartThings, I can see me getting a couple of these.

I wouldn’t really consider them a Dot, although the E4 does actually play music fairly well for a thermostat.

They will show up like any other Ecobee sensor in ST, so temp yes, more of an occupancy than a motion sensor.

If they were $69-$75 as originally “promised” I would say yes, but the $100 is excessive for what it is. I was going to " make room" for one for the Beta test, but honestly can’t think of a single place I could actually use one for $100.

If this is an ACTUAL occupancy sensor, won’t it be one of the only ones available for use on SmartThings? Basically a unicorn? I’d just disable the light control and use Alexa and the sensors.

It is the same as the other Ecobee remote sensors. So it updates presence roughly every 30 minutes and not terribly accurate. Great for deciding if a room is occupied and needing to have heat/ac running. Not much good for anything else.