Text to speech speaker?

Hi folks. I’ve been looking through the forums recently looking for a way to have my amazon echos announce custom messages when, for example, I open the front door via my open close sensor. I was wanting to set something up that when I open my front door, I have a speaker tell me to leave the inside doors open for my hoover to clean all floor. I see you can run something called LANouncer etc.
Apart from going this route, is there any speakers out there than can do this without having to DIY it with LANouncer. I see speaker companion app on the market place. Would this be what I was looking for to do the above example? If so is there a list of speakers out there capable of doing this? Thanks.

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This is now very easy to do with echoes because Amazon added a feature to the Amazon routines (not smartthings routines) Which allow you to have an echo device speak a custom phrase when a sensor is triggered. Since SmartThings lets you create virtual sensors, you’re all set.

And of course in your case since you have an actual physical sensor, you may be able to just use that one.

Read the following thread and then ask any further questions there. Please read the whole thread, as there are a few quirks to getting it set up. :sunglasses:

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Thanks buddy. I don’t think this has been released in the U.K yet. God knows how long amazon will take for us to see this. US users have a lot of things they can do that U.K can’t unfortunetly

Right, it’s US only for now. I don’t think it’s even in Canada.

Anyway, the alternative is you can use any DNLA speaker with @ule 's media renderer smartapp. That’s an easier approach than LANnouncer, although LANnouncer very cool and can do more things.

Thanks man. I’ll check that out for now. :slight_smile:

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The echo feature is now available in the UK. :sunglasses: