Open Door Announcement - Speaker?

Hi, I have a smartthing door sensor and that is working fine each time a door is open. How do I hook that up to a google speaker or echo speaker to announce the door is open or if I use a motion sensor to say motion detected each time it triggers?

As for the Echo speaker, in the new SmartThings app add the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant. Then install the Amazon Alexa app and setup an Alexa Routine that when the Smart Home ‘named’ Sensor is Opened, Then either use the Alexa Says, or the Messaging/Announcement to have your Echo say something.

I use the Messaging/Announcement since it can be targeted to specific Echo devices because I don’t need the announcement to be on all of my Echo’s.


The new app is having “problems” triggering Alexa routines…both from physical, and virtual devices as well. Still no notice from @Lars as to the status…for sure it’s not fixed. See link below.

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I’m not experiencing an any issues at all with the new SmartThings app and triggering Alexa Routines using the new Alexa skill.

Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? It’s working differently for different people, and at different times. Not everyone has the same problems and some people have problems that come and go. But smartthings engineering has confirmed that there are problems and that they are working on fixing it. And they have not announced that it is fixed yet.

So I’m very glad to hear that it is working for you, and I hope it continues to do so, but it’s not working for everyone, and I don’t think it can be counted on to remain reliable until we get an announcement to that effect. :sunglasses:

There’s no harm in setting up an Alexa routine and seeing if that does work. Just understand that if it’s erratic, that’s a current known problem.

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I can only hope that it continues working for you…hopefully that’ll be a good sign for everyone.

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Where is that app? I don’t see the Alexa app on the new SmartThings app. Is it a custom all add through the web portal ?

Which app are you asking about?

The easiest way is to use the Alexa app to do this. All my ST devices are visible in Alexa. You can use an Alexa routine to make the sounds you want.

The Amazon Alexa app is not part of SmartThings as it’s provided by Amazon. You’ll find the Amazon Alexa app in the Google Play store in Android or the Apple app store in iOS. Once you install it and log into it using your Amazon account, then you can add the SmartThings Skill to the app which interconnects the two services together. You’ll then see the SmartThings devices available in the Amazon Alexa app’s Smart Home which you can use either Motion or Open/Close sensors as triggers in Alexa Routines.

When this happens: named door opens
Add Action: Messaging/Send Announcement ‘the named door is open’ on selected Echo devices.

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Ah ok. Thanks. I have it installed on the Amazon Alexa app. Wasn’t sure if I needed to do something on the SmartThings app. I’ll try this out. Much thanks!

Got it to work. It was cool. Thanks for the help.