Temperature Reporting (now that WebCore is leaving)

I have various devices that offer temperature- Webcore can be used to periodically report them to me via text.

I’m in search of a solution via Smart Things. Devices that report temperature do not populate when attempting to make a “routine”

What’s the specific brand and model of your devices? There may be different options available for different ones.

Also, the following thread might be of interest:

Farewell webCoRE, hello what?

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I have a few Samsung Buttons that I used in HVAC vents as temperature probes. They are the kind that include single press, double press, and hold functions.

That’s strange. Mine are fine. Routines have pretty basic notification functionality but they certainly work with temperature sensors in conditions.

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time to do the reboot raindance,
reboot the hub,
clear and re-pair a button.
Most of my zigbee door contacts and multisensors, do also report temperature and values appear in the smartthings app.

Might help to clear cache on the phone app, and restart the phone also.

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Clarification- they are selectable in a routine- but I want them to report “what temperature they are” at certain intervals.

I can select temperature with them- just not get them to text me at regular intervals as to what the values are.

ah. It would be cumbersome but you could make a notification/push routine for each specific alarm range to trigger. Otherwise you would need a bespoke smartapp? Do those still exist after edge transition? I have given up on smart-stuff in this domain so my current applications are limited.

You can write your own SmartApps, but you have to host them yourself and then you communicate with smartthings through the REST API in the cloud so it’s a very different process than the old smartapps and I don’t know too many people who are doing it.

Sharptools has become a very popular option for those who want more complexity than the basic routines offer but don’t want to go into full on coding. It works with the new architecture. It doesn’t run local, but that neither did the old custom groovy smartapps.

There’s more discussion of various options in the following thread:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

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If you search the SharpTools community, you’ll probably find a similar project. For example:
Here’s how you can create a loop to do something at intervals. There’s a reference to using a variable, but those are only available in Premium accounts; you could accomplish the same by creating a virtual switch and turning it on and off. If you only want notifications during daytime hours, you could condition it on your ST mode being “Home”, “Away”, not “Night”, etc.

Here’s an example of temperature in a notification; that might require a Premium account to get the variable in there. There might be alternative methods though.